Woman standing in front of a Cali Restaurant giving a peace sign

food for our people,
By our people

Everyone who walks in the doors of Cali is part of Cali’s culture – our guests, our team members, and our suppliers. People are every bit as important as food to Cali’s success. We strive for a diverse, passionate team that reflects the beautiful world we live in.
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save the planet
& Eat well doing it

Cali maintains the highest eco-friendly standards in every aspect of the company and partners with other vendors that do the same. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, but we have #goals.
  • Our tuna has been certified sustainable by SeaChange®, so healthy stock levels of fish in the wild are maintained.
  • We promise to reduce overall food waste and are working towards phasing out all single-use plastic to-go vessels.
  • Our head of sustainability, Ali Cammisa, is here to keep Cali on track and ahead of the curve.
  • All staff threads are sourced from eco-conscious apparel companies on the same mission as we are.
  • Cali locations are cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • In 2019, we started working with a world-renowned sustainability expert to create a road map.
  • Cali partners with environmental organizations to help them achieve their goals.
  • We serve only sustainably-sourced, antibiotic-free and hormone-free proteins.
Medical professionals receiving take-out food from Cali

This is our happy place

Cali was born in Tampa Palms in 2005. The Tampa Bay is Cali’s BFF - you’ve always been here for us and we will always be here for you.
  • We donate 5% of our profits to community organizations.
  • Our team chooses who they want to help, because no one knows Tampa Bay like the people who work and live in it.
  • We host five beach clean-ups and community neighborhood clean-ups throughout the year around the Tampa Bay Area.
  • We’ll always support Tampa Bay and the causes that are dear to our hearts, and we’ll always have Tampa Bay’s back (just please don’t pick on that girl who knows karate).