Our Purpose

To share our passion for food, people and the planet.

Our Values
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Tasty Choices
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food for our people,
By our people

Everyone who walks in the doors of Cali is part of Cali’s culture – our guests, our team members, and our suppliers. People are every bit as important as food to Cali’s success. We strive for a diverse, passionate team that reflects the beautiful world we live in.
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save the planet
& Eat well doing it

Cali maintains the highest eco-friendly standards in every aspect of the company and partners with other vendors that do the same. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, but we have #goals.
  • Our tuna has been certified sustainable by SeaChange®, so healthy stock levels of fish in the wild are maintained.
  • We are a certified Ocean Friendly Restaurant.
  • Our head of sustainability, Ali Cammisa, is here to keep Cali on track and ahead of the curve.
  • All staff threads are sourced from eco-conscious apparel companies on the same mission as we are.
  • Cali locations are cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • We rolled out composting at all four of our locations.  
  • Cali has partnered with SeaTrees to launch a watershed restoration project in the Florida Keys.
  • We serve only sustainably-sourced, antibiotic-free and hormone-free proteins.
Impact report
Medical professionals receiving take-out food from Cali

This is our happy place

Cali was born in Tampa Palms in 2005. Since, we have evolved to four locations throughout Tampa Bay, which in our opinion is pretty rad!
  • We donate a portion of our profits to community organizations.
  • We are working to align our business philosophy with the B Corp standards.
  • We have our very own beach cleanup club and get out into the community as often as possible.
  • We’ll always support Tampa Bay and the causes that are dear to our hearts <3