frequently asked questions

I know Cali is super healthy, but do you have nutritional information for your dishes available?

We’re working on that! But meanwhile, know that while we’re always thinking about how to make the tastiest food, we’re also thinking about how to keep it clean.

  • Our team members know the menu backwards and forwards, and we’re happy to help guide you through the nutritionals in person or over the phone.
  • Our cooking is done with 100% olive oil and we fry with 100% sunflower oil.
  • Our house-made flour is gluten-free, our sauces are all plant-based (except for the lime Caesar).
  • We offer plant-based protein alternatives, and our meats are antibiotic-free and sourced from farms with high ethical standards and sustainable business practices.
  • Our tuna is sustainable and certified by SeaChange® and we choose locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

It seems like Cali is always holding an event to support a local organization or charity. How can I nominate my organization for a fundraising event or my neighborhood for a Cali Clean-up?

You are very astute, my friend. Cali has a packed schedule of local happenings and we’ll do our very best to help in any way we can. Just go to our feedback form and we’ll chat with you soon.

Does Cali give back to the Tampa Bay community?

You really do ask all the best questions! At Cali, what we believe is every bit as important as what we serve. We are constantly hosting events to support the Tampa Bay Area. To see what we’ve done, hop on over to our Values page or to see what we’re doing soon (and join in!) take a look at our upcoming events.

Do you take reservations?

Everyone is a VIP at Cali, which means everyone is treated like the star they are. We don’t take reservations, but as soon as you arrive, you’re our number one priority.

So how long am I going to have to wait?

You won’t! We fast!

Do you have all my favorite Cali dishes at each location?

YOU BET! Every location has our new all-day menu as well as weekend brunch and our catering options.

Do you have vegan/gluten-free/vegetarian/kosher options?

Does the internet have cat videos? Yes! We are happy to modify our menu items as much as possible to meet your needs. Cali has food for all. (Hi, this is Cali’s operations manager. Sorry to interrupt this FAQ, but I just have to mention that Cali is not expressly a gluten free, dairy free, or vegan restaurant. Some items are prepared on shared equipment and cross contact may occur. We cannot guarantee all items for those who are highly sensitive. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Sorry about butting in like that. Now back to your FAQ, already in progress.)

Do you offer delivery? I reeeeeeeally don’t want to put on pants.

We are available for delivery through DoorDash and UberEats.

How about take-out?

Cali is a well-oiled (100% olive oil and sunflower oil) take-out machine! Order online, give us a ring, or do it the old-old-fashioned way and order right at the counter and we’ll bring it out to you hot and fast.

Do you have a kids' menu?

Our kids’ menu is so good, you’re going to be eating off their plate. (Don’t blame us if you get grounded).

Is brunch a thing at Cali?

Please. Cali brunch is epic. It’s so epic, you’ll wish it was served every day, not just Saturday and Sunday when it’s actually available. But if we served it every day, no one would ever go to work again. So for bosses everywhere, we’ll keep it to weekends… for now. See our brunch menu here.

Do you have a Happy Hour?

ALL hours are happy at Cali. But our happiest hours might be on Taco Tuesday, the only day of the week you can get Cali tacos, yeah, baby, yeah! All Tuesday long we offer $3 Modelos and $4 sangria. Those hours are HELLA happy.

Does Cali offer outdoor dining?

How could a restaurant called Cali located in Florida not have outdoor seating?? We do, and we highly recommend that while enjoying our al fresco dining areas, you combat the Florida heat with one of our fresh, cool agua frescas.

Speaking of cool libations, does Cali serve alcohol?

100% - beer, wine, and the healthiest, most inventive cocktails in Tampa Bay.

I’m having a shindig at my office / home / organization soon. Does Cali cater?

When you need an epic spread for an office meeting, a dinner party, or a family event, Cali has you covered. See our catering page for the deets.

I can’t think of a better gift for my family than a Cali gift card. Do you offer those?

Oh, yeah, we got gift cards. You can even order one online here.

My dog loves Cali, too. Can I bring him along?

As long as your pet stays on the patio and away from the cocktails, we’re totally cool with that.

Does Cali offer free wi-fi?

You bet! Come and hang!

Does Cali have a dress code?

Yessss, be yourself!

What credit cards does Cali accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and cash money.

Are all locations wheelchair accessible?

Absolutely, 100%.

Hey, I’m a local vendor and I have a product that would be perfect for Cali. Let me tell you all about it.

Sure thing! Just head over to our feedback form. Be prepared to tell us if it’s ethically-sourced or sustainable!

I got comments! How can I get them to you?

We’re all ears! Head on over to our Contact page.