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We want Cali to be more than a job. We want it to be an experience. Our balanced mission is focused on food, people, community, planet, and financials. Our five core values keep us aligned and help us make decisions about everything from the food we serve to the impact we have on our people.
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If it isn’t up to our standards, we don’t serve it. From selecting the best farms to plating our food perfectly, we keep it 100.
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We go above and beyond for our teammates and the planet, because we know that when you feel the love, so do our guests.
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Cali is a no-B.S zone. We are clear and straight-forward with our communications and actions. We listen to what you have to say, and endeavor to learn.
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We are proud of our hard work and hands-on approach. We don’t take shortcuts, and when obstacles arise, we tackle the challenges head on.
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Change is growth. We are open to feedback, and we like to push boundaries. And when we make change, we help our teams navigate through it.

THIS job is so extra

Cali's got all the benefits.
  • FOOD - Discount program which can be used at other CRG brands.
  • COOL SWAG - You'll want to wear your gear even on your day off.
  • CULTURE - A fun and connected lifestyle that gives back to the community and planet.
  • HOLLA-DAYS - Closed for most holidays, so you can enjoy time with family and friends.
  • BE YOURSELF - You are beautiful, and we celebrate your individuality.
  • BENEFITS - Options to participate in Group Health, Vision and Dental Plans.
  • OWN A PIECE OF THE BIZ - Competitive Salary with a Partnership Program for our managing partners and above.
  • GROWTH - Four locations and counting. We are just getting started! Watch out, world!
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Profits for a Purpose

We set goals for ourselves with one ambition – to crush them. But we do it for a purpose. We take our profits and reinvest them in our team, our guests, and giving back 5% to the Tampa Bay community.
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