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Portrait of the Lanza family
The Cali dream was born 110 years ago when our great grandfather, Italian immigrant Francesco Lanza, discovered a golden land of agricultural bounty and multicultural cuisine called California. In 2005, the Lanza family brought the dream to Florida when the first Cali opened with a menu inspired by two things: travel and possibilities.
Our story
A few times a year, we pack our reusable cutlery and travel to Cali to eat everything in sight. Our menu is full of our favorite flavors recreated with our own twist and made from fresh, whole, and sustainable ingredients. Pretty much everything on the menu can be customized to your taste.
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your food

When are four locations not a chain? When they’re linked by so much more than just the same name. Our restaurants are bound by a purpose - to create a menu that is both nourishing to our people and the planet.

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Our menu items are delicious with or without meat, and we offer tasty plant-based protein (TRUST!)
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Our sauces are all made in-house, and all but one, the lime Caesar, are plant-based.
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Our cooking oils are 100% olive oil and 100% sunflower oil, and our house-made flour is gluten-free.
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Our meats are antibiotic-free from farms with high ethical standards and sustainable business practices.
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Our agua frescas are refined sugar-free, sweetened by agave, and our loose-leaf teas are locally-sourced.